We serve the traditional black tapioca pearls. These are about the size of a pea, the taste has a sweet carmel/maple flavor. They are chewy somewhat like a gummy bear. A scoop of these goes perfectly in any flavor of bubble tea.

Honnah-Lee Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea

It's not just a drink

it's an EXPERIENCE !!!

We currently serve over 20 flavors of bubble tea. We make it in either a smoothie(blended) style or over ice, whichever you prefer.

We also offer popping boba which are small round balls filled with fruit juice. When you bite into one of these it 'pops' in your mouth with a squirt of delicious juice. Everyone smiles the first time this happens!

We are located at 1983 Harrodsburg Road, at the corner of Lane Allen in the Lafayette Centre. Direclty across the street from Taco Bell and next door to Scheller's Bike Shop.