Honnah-Lee Bubble Tea

We are the ONLY dedicated bubble tea shop in Lexington, maybe in Kentucky. We do one thing and we do it well! We continue to expand our flavors, bobas and toppings so our menu is ever-changing. Stop in and check out our monthly specials and new items. Feel free to make suggestions, we are here to please our customers!

Honnah-Lee Bubble Tea is the dream-child of Debbie Shambro.  "We  were at an Art Show in 2010 when I had my first bubble tea. It was so hot I asked Mick to get me an iced tea. He came back with this thing called bubble tea in his hand. I was disappointed but drank it anyway. Wow, KaBoom, it was the best drink I had ever tasted. At that point I decided to find out how to make bubble tea. It took a good deal of research and expense coming up with a recipe I was happy with. I tried it out on family, friends and strangers. The response was overwhelming! We first opened in 2011 on West Maxwell Street, and decided to relocate to our current location in November 2015. We have much more visibility and lots of easy parking".