A.  Choose your Style

1. Blended smoothie-style  "our signature version" recommended

2. Over Ice  on the rocks

3. Flavored Tea, no creamer

B. Choose Your Bubble Tea Flavor

Strawberry Fields

Mango Madness

Crazy Coconut

Wacky Watermelon

Perfect Peach

Pineapple Express

Rockin' Raspberry

Vanilla Mint

Pina Colada

Tasty Taro

Wildcat Blueberry

C. Choose your Boba

1. Traditional tapioca boba (sweet, chewy with a little carmel/maple flavor

2.  Popping Boba (A juice filled ball that burst when you bite into it.  (Mango, Strawberry, Passion fruit, yogurt, pomegranate, blueberry or kiwi)

3.  Jelly Squares: (Rainbow-made from coconut water)

D. Choose your straw (The most important part!)

Finally take a sip and get ready to smile

How to Order a Honnah-Lee Bubble Tea

Chai Latte


Orange Cream

Banana Boat

Honey Dew Do Do

Granny Green Apple

Chocolate Delight

Lovely Lemon

Ramblin' Rose

Other flavors may be available, check

in shop menu.

Honnah-Lee Bubble Tea